Monday, May 16, 2016

Activewear Swimsuit

Hey friends:)

Almost time to wear this swimwear suit paired with a pink cap & goggles! Outdoor swimming pool season is almost in full swing. I couldn't be more excited to finally wear a suit that isn't a bikini. Typically in past years I have worn an old bikini to the pool. Unfortunately, these haven't held up to the wear and tear of chlorine or the dynamic movements of swimming. I guess those swim suits were destined for more beach laying and ocean dipping. This swimwear suit is perfect for the outdoor pool as its fabric has protectants against UV rays and chlorine damage.

Lululemon started in Vancouver and has since started Lululemon Labs in Vancouver & New York. The design team works in house and manufacturing is in canada for all the products in the YVR location. It is fun being able to walk into a shop and see all of the faces and facilities where your garments are made!

Cheers to many sunny swimming sessions! Say that ten times fast :)

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