Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Body Break

MAN, I FEEL LIKE A WOMEN! Can I have a high neckline in every top I buy from now on to eternity. I think I found my style.

Body stories. I think we all have them. As women we are brought up in a world of ideals it's hard not to think we need to look like THAT girl! I grew up saving photos on Pinterest and following Instagram accounts of girls I thought had the PERFECT body. I soon realized my stomach would never have a slight curve, my legs wouldn't have the ultimate thigh gap, my bum would never be that small and my breasts would never grow to be a B cup. I never had a struggle with body image but I always hoped I would fill out a bit more on top. I was always part of the IBTC ;)

In a sense I felt obligated to tell you a story that I finally had acceptance over my body. But to be truthful I've always accepted it. That doesn't mean I don't text my girlfriend once an a while complaining that I don't have the abs i've been working hard for. We all want our bodies to be the full potential they can be.

 This past year my body goals were to be strong and be able to DO things! My goal was that I will always be able to say yes to a hike, yes to running with a friend, yes to kids who want to run around at the park. I want to be able to live with energy and strength.

"Keep fit & have fun"-- I hope you get my Body Break joke;)

Kristen Marie!

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