Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hey It's Me Kristen Marie

Sandals -- Sseko 

Wanted to share a few things you may not know about me today on the blog :)

-- I snort a lot, sometimes my laughing becomes so uncontrollable. At times I will almost fall over laughing because I just become too weak to keep my body upright.

-- I took one year of fashion design for my first year of university and am continuing those studies after 4 years this fall :)

-- I absolutely love curry flavoured everything & anything with creme cheese. 

-- I love numbers. I have an obsession with budgets! I usually re-do my budget every month, really it turns out the same in the end but I just find so much joy in calculating numbers.

-- I am a pescetarian. This past year my cravings for red meat have been so strong. This is very odd as even before I stopped eating meat I hated red meat and only ate chicken. But recently I've been craving a burger. Thank goodness for veggie burgers. Not eating meat is completely a physiological ordeal for me. I always imagine feet and eye balls and something moving on my plate when I used to eat it. So I just decided the torment of my disgust was not worth it one day.

-- When playing team sports, mainly soccer or baseball I usually squeal when I need to do something with the ball, I think I get so suprsised and excited and am just unsure of what to do. 

-- My little sister and I are eight years apart. So when she was a year old my mom would trust me being alone in a room to care for her. At a young age, I had a thing for feeling peoples emotions. (I can be overly passionate). I would put my little sister in the dark closet so she would start crying and of course be waiting outside the door when I opened it after less then a minute later to be her hero and cuddle buddy. 

--I have dutch heritage. Both sets of my Oma & Opa were from the netherlands and immigrated to canada. The Dutch are the tallest race in the world. I always thought I was pretty tall but realized that I am now the second shortest in my family… all 4 of my siblinging are taller then me!

Thanks for popping in! lots of love - Kristen <3 

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