Friday, July 22, 2016


A few weekends into my move to Vancouver I came home to NO bike! At the time I was living in a closet. I am not even being dramatic. I had become Harry Potter. It was a closet under the stairway big enough for a bed and a place for me to stand when I got out of bed. So.. Bike stolen & Closet living space. I think I really experienced the true 'WELCOME TO VANCOUVER'.

 I was so hesitant about buying a new bike. I debated waiting till the bike share program started up (it launched this week). I didn't want to have another purchased bike stolen. Once I discovered Lochside though… C'mon how could I resist! It's my dream bike.

Riding around Vancouver is amazing! I have come to really dislike having a car. Finding and paying for parking can be the biggest headache. Having a bike usually takes the same amount of time to get somewhere and a bike rack is way easier to find and FREE! My Lochside bike is a one speed. And I wouldn't have it any other way. There isn't too many hills in Vancouver, and if there are hills they are usually small. I can ride up most hills in Vancouver without having to get off my bike and walk it. It is a perfect city commuter or cruising bike.

Lochside is a Vancouver Island based company. They will ship the bike to you and from what I heard they are pretty simple to assemble just might require a simple tune up! Reckless Bikes in Vancouver is a Stockist for Lochside and here I was able to test drive my bike and purchase the bike with a year of free tunes ups and fully assembled!

Have a fantastic weekend! Get your peddle on:) 

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