Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Chapter Ten

I laugh a lot, fifty percent of the time it is out of nervousness. So when something horrible happens I laugh. I catch myself laughing when horrible things are happening to others. Someone gets hurt, I laugh. Is that why AFV was kept alive for so long because people like me whose nervousness is unleashed under other peoples misfortunes? 

It's a trait that I inherited from my mom, who got it from her mother, my Oma. My Oma one afternoon got talking about my Opa who had passed years prior and just started to burst into laughter. This left me so puzzled as to how she felt. I now understand as I find myself In laughter a lot of the time too.

I like to see it as a blessing. I tend to find myself out of luck A LOT! Laughter really is my medicine. The August long weekend I headed out to the island with some friends to hike the Juan De Fuca trail. I was supposed to be driving my car! But.. my car decided otherwise and the battery died which left us sceptical to take it on our trip. As we pulled out of the drive way. I realized I forgot my hiking boots, which made me laugh. I knew there were more misfortunes to come for me on this trip. Like the fact I definitely under packed in the food category. Might have helped if I hadn't have eaten some of my snacks the night before while packing. All these little mishaps make me laugh. I have begun to think do others see this as a silly 'classic Kristen' or someone who needs to learn how to practice more organizations skills? 

Good thing I have a new watch to keep my hours and seconds in check now:) ha!
But seriously check out Chapter Ten watches they are so cute!


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