Wednesday, August 31, 2016


9,982 liters of water later and hello you got a fresh new pair of denim jeans. To drink this much water would take me at least 13 years, that's insane!  I've probably owned at least two dozen pairs of jeans in my life, which probably won't even add up to the amount of water I will consume in my lifetime. What a sick thought!

The North American adult on average owns 7 pairs of jeans…  Assuming half our populations are children and every adult owns 7 jeans that is about 12,369,794,000,000 liters of water. WHAT!!!! Thats disgusting. I don't even want to calculate how much water is wasted for every other piece of my clothing! Better dig those wells if we continue to use water like this. Seriously though our fresh water supply is not unlimited. I always joke (not funny) that world war three will be over fresh water... 

Well on a brighter note, ha! There are some awesome denim companies practicing sustainability & responsibility towards the people and environment.

Happy Denim Shopping!

Denim - Neuw -- Top - Everlane -- Sandals - Sseko


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