Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I love anything that gets my heart rate up. I'm a fitness & cardio junky. My dad always called me a speed demon and I suppose I am. Not only driving fast but activities that are fast paced, especially running. Two years ago I did my first marathon and every since I've wanted to increase the challenge. I've dreamt of doing a triathlon but because of school this year I'm not able to devote the time needed to train. I have decided to try a go at my second marathon. 

Last time I trained I did a 16 week program and diet. This time around I have 10 weeks till the race.

Two years ago I ate a complete plant based diet, but I was missing the large amounts of carbohydrates that I needed to run. I have recently started tracking my macros. This has been much easier and beneficial for me as before I felt like I was so restricted and couldn't enjoy parties or outings with friends because of my food choices. I now eat roughly 1700 calories a day 172 grams consisting of carbohydrates, 62 grams of fat and 130 grams of protein. 

My running program also looks different. This time I am doing it all through the Nike running app. I kinda feel like I have my own running coach. They talk to you as your run giving suggestions and guidance of the pace you should be shooting for and how your running time is comparing to previous times. Also you can choose a running goal and how many workouts per week you would like to completel and then customize a running plan for you. 

I have joined a running club which on the days where there is no motivation to run or keep up a good pace you have the encouragement of the team to do so. I didn't realize how many awesome running clubs I could find to be apart of in the city, that are absolutely free. 

Two years ago I ran 42.2km in 4 hours and 12 minutes I have no clue how fast I can do it this time, but am hoping to get below 4 hours as my last marathon I injured myself 10kms in by pulling a muscle in my hip. This was exremley painful to run on but I continued until the last 5 kms the pain became to much so I fell into a very slight jog. 

Have you ever ran a marathon? What are your running tips or go to training routines?

Workout Outfit : Karma Athletics 

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