Thursday, August 18, 2016

Shower Time!

Went looking at new potential housing yesterday! Already envisioning what the spaces could be. HELLO PINTEREST! With that I picked up a few things from The Soap Dispensary on Main to make the bathroom a little beautiful. As well as my must haves for pre & during shower.

Every pre-shower begins with some dry brushing. I have been on the dry brushing train for 5 months now and I'm hooked! It's doesn't seem odd to exfoliate your face. But I never took much thought into the rest of my body needing exfoliation. Now I exfoliate every day from head to toe. Using the larger brush on my body and the small circular brush on my face. 

For years I tried to find aerosol shaving cream that didn't make me react in hives or didn't leave my skin dry. I started using baby oil which checked my boxes, but I found that it would make the hair clump up and get stuck in the shaver. The refill for the jar of shaving cream is cheaper than an aerosol can. So you aren't adding any waste and you are giving your skin a healthy clean shave that also moisturizes, as it is full of coconut oil & vitamin E. 

The Bamboo Charcoal cleanser has been treating me well. Still on my first bar and it's been 2 months! This little block cleans my pores so well! I use it on my face as my cleanser & also my back and chest in the shower. 

HOW cute is this little soap holder.  As well I stocked up on amber jars to hold my soap for the sink and jars dispensares for shampoo & conditioner in the shower. 

Shower time which is already my favourite has gotten that much better. 

What are your shower must haves?


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