Monday, September 12, 2016

Balsam & Vine

Fashion is constantly revolving, the styles of years past are now on trend. Our mothers style is now ours. The fashion Industry has a way of making you feel as if your clothes are constantly out of style. But every year the same trends are on the runways again just slightly changed. 

Take spring for example. Spring always brings the floral trend. One year we might see large floral patterns, while the next is small printed floral. We can always be sure of military for fall, fur in the winter and nautical hints in the summer. We go from skinny jeans to bell bottoms in a matter of years. Constantly making us feel as if we have to reinvent our wardrobes. The chords I am wearing in this photo, I had bought at least 5 years ago. Wait till 2016 and the 70's are back yet again, neutral colours are all the rage, and my chords are on trend. If you're always wanting to insure you are on trend buy statement pieces, accessories or a few pieces each season that revamp your look with out needing to toss the whole wardrobe. Buy essentials that last and from there add on. 

This year the 1990's came back. Anyone remember So Little Time with Mary Kate & Ashley Olson? This is practically what is on trend only less than two decades later. A mix of the bohemian 70's collides with the 90's. I told myself I wouldn't own a chocker, because I didn't want to wear the black plastic braided ones of my elementary school years. When I came across Balsam & Vine I couldn't resist. This chocker is my love for neutrals, leather and the reinvention of the 90's chocker all in one piece that will be timeless.

Made in Vancouver Balsam & Vine brings simple jewellery pieces with class and edge to your every day styles. All piece are made to order which means no material is wasted and each piece is guaranteed a home. 

Find your personal style. Choose pieces that flatter. Buy the essentials. Buy pieces that last.

Chocker -- Balsam & Vine -- Watch -- Chapter Ten Watches -- T-shirt -- Aritzia -- 
Chords -- Aritzia (old)


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