Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Quality Matters, this is something I believe was passed down through my families generations. The appreciation for solid wood & genuine leather runs deep. My Opa (grandfather) was a shoe cobbler. My mom will always mention how proud he would have been of me as I pursue to choose apparel & footwear made of natural materials. 

I had my eye out for a pair of beautiful leather clogs. I ran into a shop before meeting a girlfriend for lunch, and there they were 50% off! It wasn't even a question if I would take these beauties home with me or not. With in minutes I was walking out the store with my dream clogs.

Hasbeens are a Clog company in Sweden. Staying true to the old ways of production (hand made) and natural materials. They pride their company on sustainability & quality. They make shoes that last, that your grandchildren will be able to wear, not shoes that need to be discarded after a season. 

"Better shoes for a better world" - Hasbeens.

They seek to be apart of the revolution, to see fast fashion be of old. Hand made and natural materials to weave there way back into our society.

"Revolutions bring change and we all feel the time has come. The time to throw away the plastic chrome tanned shoes with too much bling-bling and really bad quality. People across the world are demanding quality, natural materials that agree great and that our grandkids can wear. Bring on the revolution!" - Hasbeens.



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