Friday, September 30, 2016

Me Lately--

Hello :)

So years ago, I think possibly when I was in grade eight I had started following bloggers, NOT on Instagram, BLOGGERS! So I thought I want to start a blog, I probably posted every 3 or 4 weeks and would always start the post with an apology for not posting enough. 

Well after 2 weeks of not posting I'm sure glad to be back! For some reason September, I'm sure for everyone is CHAOTIC! For me the chaos was moving, dealing with sucky situations with the previous place of occupancy, quitting my job, finding a new job, getting settled into a new place, taking on a job for abbyroadside (corn maze in abbotsford), working, training for a marathon, trying to have a social life, preparing myself and scholarships for school that starts on November 9th, and in all that just trying to find some time to sleep. AHHH but I came out alive.

Really excited for what this fall has in store for me. So November 9th I will be starting classes at Blanche Macdonald. I will be in the Program for Fashion & Design. Four years ago I attended the University of the Fraser Valley for Fashion Design but after a year of attending decided I needed some time and experience before I furthered my studies. Now here I am and so so so READY! When I did the campus tour I literally couldn't get my lips to shut together, I had a permanent smile, with that I knew I was ready and making the right decision. I'm scared to start school again, Its been a while and I can sometimes be a big procrastinator but fashion is my thing. 

PS. anyone else just cringe when someone says passion for fashion, GOSH I wish there was some other saying its so painful to my ears. 

Happy Weekend Everyone, Kristen Marie :)

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